HMail P30 mail server

HMail P30 mail server
  • NT$ 35,000
  • NT$ 30,000
  • -14%

Account limit: 30 [When you place an order, you will get 20 additional accounts for a total of 50 accounts and all optional functions. The optional functions are subject to the announcement on the product function website.]

HMail P30 is a mail server that supports standard protocols POP3/POP3S/IMAP/IMAPS and SMTP/SMTPS. It supports IPv4/IPv6 dual-IP mechanism. It comprehensively improves email security and performance. It adopts cloud concept model spam protection mechanism and new high performance. Multifunctional architecture.

It has built-in spam/virus email filtering, complete email records, automatic synchronization and remote backup and restore, complete email auditing, corporate signature and other advanced functions, as well as complete responsive and Outlook-style Webmail.

HERHSIANG Information Security Equipment Official Website - HMail P30 Product Detailed Function Description

Optimum number of users: 30 people
Built-in SSD 500GB
Personal email box limit: 10G